SOLSC~ 2012 ~ 31/31

Slicing has been a pleasure. It helped me write things that were important in my life, and writing them even helped me understand things a little more. It made me research and learn, record things I know, and taught me a new technique in the ways of writing. I will hopefully do it next year!

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 28/31

I hate being sick. When my throat is sore and head throbs I never feel normal. I can’t get good sleep either, I constantly wake up at night and if I try to sleep during the day something like a cough attack hits me and I can never fall asleep. Also being sick means doing a lot of makeup reading and homework, which is why I like going to school because I can be with friends and stay caught up on all my work!

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 24/31

Well, I’m pretty sad I didn’t get to blogging the past couple days but I still have a chance for the 25 day contest.

Yesterday I went to my friend’s house, and we watched the Hunger Games! I love that movie so much, it’s almost exactly like the book! I couldn’t believe how real everything looked and seemed, it left me in utter awe! They did a great job directing and acting!

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 21/31

Here is a poem formed song, sung by Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. She sings this to Rue while she dies.

Deep In the Meadow, Under the Willow,

A bed Of Grass, A soft Green Pillow,

Lay Down Your Head, and Close Your Eyes,

And when they wake, The sun will Rise,

Here it’s safe, and Here it’s warm,

Here the daises guard you from every harm,

Here your dreams are sweet- and tomorrow brings them true-

Here is the Place

Where I Iove You.

I decided on this for slice of life because it reminds me of how important and close friends and family are to you. You must always keep them dear to you like a place you feel safe at.

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 20/31

I remember first learning to read, and how amazed I was by the fact a story could be told in just a simple paper case and thin sheets of paper with tiny inked on letters.  Reading wasn’t quite required yet, but reading small books and chapter books in kindergarten brought me to a whole new world that was more interesting than the one I’d been in for only five or six years.

I remember the first chapter book I ever read, it was Junie B. Jones, Boss of Lunch. Yet even though the book took me about two months to finish because it was my first chapter book, I still remember Junie B. yelling at all of her friends and running around on the playground at lunch.

That’s where it started. I read a lot until sixth grade, then stopped, then started again in seventh with The Hunger Games.

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 19/31

Hurry, they’ll catch

Up if you do

Not run faster.

Grab what you can and hope

Every thing will turn out fine.

Rest your mind, don’t let the


Games swallow

Any of the thoughts.

Maybe, Just maybe you and

Even your partner may get out.

So keep your head high and stay safe.


My tips on the Hunger Games an acrostic poem.


SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 18/31

I’m so happy! The Spartans had a great game! Although they didn’t play the best they could, they still won and are now on to the sweet 16! In my bracket I have them going all the way. It’s not like our family bets or anything, so if they lose (which I still think they will win, but if they don’t) it’s not like I have anything to lose! But I think they’ll win! Let’s hope they do! And I am sorry Michigan fans, at least you didn’t have to watch them get beat by state later on if they made it that far… Just kidding, I also like Michigan. But let’s go Spartans!!!

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 17/31

Today my cousins from Traverse came to our house just for the night. We see each other usually 10 to 20 times a year but we have seen a them a lot more this year already. So far we have played over like 30 games of lightning, bloody murder, and then we got on the kinect and had a dance battle. Dancing with the family is really fun and a funny sight to see. Again, especially with my family. 

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 16/31


Today I am going to my friend Renee’s house. I’m not sure what we are doing there, but it’s her birthday party that’s all I know! So I won’t have time to slice later on because I’m spending the night. I’m really excited to go there! Renee and I just became friends this year, I met her on our basketball team, but I hope a lot of others say they can come too. It will be better for Renee! Well sorry this was short I have to get going!

SOLSC ~ 2012 ~ 15/12

Yesterday was a day of literal hurt for me. In the morning, I got up and fell flat on my side when I tried to walk out the door, and left a big purple bruise on my side. When I got to school, everything seemed fine, but as soon as we got to gym I got floor burn on the TOP of my feet! I already had blisters from my new sandals! Then, in fourth hour I kept stubbing all of my toes on the chairs around me. I promise you that there is only 1 or 2 that I didn’t stub. By the time tech ed came rolling by, I had numerous minor injuries, and to top it off, I look down at my toe and half the nail is ripping off and there’s blood everywhere. Well, at least that didn’t hurt, because my feet and side seemed to be aching enough already! But, of course, Maddey Painter was holding up a drill, and it was lava hot, and I turned around and slid half of my hand across the hot part. So now I have a small tiny burn on my hand, but it hurts when you put it in water. Thank God nothing happened the rest of the day. I probably would’ve started yelling at the objects that couldn’t yell back. That happens a lot…