SOLSC~ 2012 ~ 4/31

The Basketball Court, a place I love. Most people say it’s just a huge room of bright lights, intense players, and a huge wood floor that ten people run up and down on. Well, I agree, but there’s much more to it than just that. It’s a place where you can put every single feeling¬†you have into that room of running up and down, bright lights, and intense people. When your happy, you can play with energy, and then you get the feeling your going to make every shot, not get the ball stolen, not make any mistakes, so you don’t. If your angry, you go in strong and not give up, channel your anger into your game. Other feelings usually just stay inside you, you usually don’t show them. Except embarrassment. That can ruin your game, but if you forget about it, your fine. Just like life. So it’s not just a room of people and lights. It’s something like life. Forget, forgive at times needed, and try your hardest.

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