Memorial Day Weekend.

This weekend I went camping with my friends Jenna and Rana. On the first day, Friday, not much happened. But when it was later at night, our group of people was talking about people dying and a firework went off. That was pretty bad. I probably shouldn’t put any detail into that because it could be embarrassing for the person who flipped out. Saturday we went tubing and Kollin hit a kid in the face with a ball. The kid was flashing a light at us so Kollin chucked the ball at him and hit him in the eye. But then we figured out he was six so we felt bad. The next night was really fun.  We were sitting around the fire and we were really bored so we started to play a game called chubby bunnies. You put one marshmallow in your mouth at a time and each time you say the number of marshmallows and then say chubby bunny. That was so hard! The marshmallows tasted really bad, they tasted like rubber, and every time I tried to fit 6 marshmallows in my mouth I’d run to the woods and almost throw up! It was disgusting!

Current Event Summary

New York Times, May 14 2012

In a City Where Dogs Outnumber Children, Finding a Way for Coyotes to Coexist

By Norimitsu Onishi
In San Francisco California, dogs outnumber kids. It’s pretty crazy, considering the number of people that live there. But not all the dogs are domesticated, and that is starting to cause some problems. There have been numerous reports of pets being killed and taken away by the Coyotes that roam the streets, parks, and yards of San Francisco. But experts say out of the 180,000 dogs, only around 10 could actually be Coyotes. And although sightings started in 2004, people still don’t know the amount of Coyotes that live there, and people are now trying to find a way to let the domesticated animals and these wild Coyotes to coexist.



Researching an Article Summary

New York Times

May 7, 2012

Dead Dolphins and Birds are Causing Alarm in Peru

By David Jolly and Andrea Zarate

Over the past few months, starting in November 2011, many dolphins and birds have been dying off of the shores of Lima, Peru. Although nobody is 100% sure the reason for all of these deaths, a lot of researchers are trying to figure out what is going on. At least 877 dolphins and 1,500 birds have died so far, and the first reason people think is that the dolphins and birds have been eating fish that are full of bacteria. The anchovies they eat have no evidence of being in a red tide or anything though. Another factor could be the oil that has been around the waters since the many oil spills have happened recently. Some even thought that the machines that hunt for oil could be exploding and killing the dolphins, but autopsies of some show that they have no punctures to their ears, eyes, mouths, or bones.

I learned with this article that many people are caring and curious for the deaths of these many animals. But what I found crazy is that the people studying have had since November to find the reason, but still only have mere guesses to what could be wiping out so many birds and dolphins. I chose this article because I’ve heard the story and wanted to learn more about it.

NPM ~ Day 24

Track Race

The gun goes off,

I’m on a good start,

I’m not the only thing racing,

It’s also my heart,

I have to win,

I at least have to try,

And keep my eyes on the track,

Not my friends not the sky,

Now I’m going so fast,

Feeling like I’ll catch fire,

If I can possibly get these points,

Maybe a win we’ll admire,

Now near the finish line,

Where I have to be fast,

Everybodies watching near the end,

But nobodie’s passed!

NPM ~ Responding to Taylor Mali

1.  I really liked both of the poems, because they both reflect on something that really happens almost every single day. But, because of the way “On Girls Lending Pens” was written, I really do like that one better. He took a small, simple thing that happens to everybody every now and then, and created a crazy poem in a form of a story! I also liked how he used a lot of colors and gave the girl character a bigger part than I thought she would have. That also gave people the clue that girls have problems lending pens.

2.   Well, I did like watching better actually. I don’t know why, but watching the person move their hands and make expressions as they go along really helped me to understand the story they were trying to get across better.

3.  Well, I sort of in a way “connected” to this poem. I hate lending pens to people for many reasons! They could chew on them, break them, throw them away, or do other things that I may not be sure of. So maybe this girl was just making excuses, I don’t think most of those pens did all that stuff she said.


NPM ~ Day 17

Getting Lost

Board, Leave, Guide,

Leave, Guide, Turn,

Guide, Turn, Rocks,

Turn, Rocks, Hole,

Rocks, Hole, Sink,

Hole, Sink, Speed,

Sink, Speed, Shore,

Speed, Shore, Stuck,

Shore, Stuck, Lost,

Stuck, Lost, Alone,

Lost, Alone, Thirsty,

Alone, Thirsty, Starving,

Thirsty, Starving, Help,

This Poem Was inspired by this picture.

NPM ~ Day 10

Once Upon A Time,

In a land far far away,

A unicorn visited an enchanted house,

There he decided to stay,


And on one day,

One cloudy cloudy day,

The unicorn couldn’t find his house,

He had to find his way!


So on that day,

He chose his path,

But it’s the wrong one you see,

He chose his way on a cloudy day and it lead him right to me!


This poem was inspired by This Picture.

SOLSC~ 2012 ~ 31/31

Slicing has been a pleasure. It helped me write things that were important in my life, and writing them even helped me understand things a little more. It made me research and learn, record things I know, and taught me a new technique in the ways of writing. I will hopefully do it next year!